Thursday, 26 February 2015

Dignity and humility

Dignity and humility. Seems from two different dimension. Two different personality and two different character. For those who sit down quietly with eyes looking up in the sky and stand up firmly tall with eyes looking down at the earthly ground. Dignity and humility is one. As human as leader.

Saturday, 18 October 2014


By one sound.
By one word.
By one moment.
By one glance.
By one struck.
By one action.
The universe is ours.
The journey taken place.
Into of no end.


There is this feelings that I'm unable to explain. Is this understanding or is it just some ideas. There are no new things, only understanding and finding back all the information and experience long forgotten in this life or before this life as the universe is in us as we are in the universe. As we are looking back in time of no time and we are looking forward in time of no time. What do we see is not our past as it is also not our future. Are we stagnant in this moment of time or are we moving in time as we realize within ourselves that there is no time. So what is moving and what is this current moment? 

Being gifted is a beauty

Being gifted is a beauty.
Being overwhelmed is a bliss.
For being able to see what others don't.
For being able to listen what others don't.
For being able to touch what others don't.
For being able to feel what others don't.
For being able to enjoy what others don't.
For being able to cry when others don't.
For being able to smile when others don't.
For being able to laugh when others don't.
For being able to wait when others don't.
For being able to receive when others can't.
For being able to give when others can't.
What more can I want more.
What more can I wish for.
When I already have more than others.
Something that in my wish list or something that I want.
Could not be more that I have been given as a gift.
Is what I need before what I want.
Realizing the gifted of being born with this gift.
Is a gift of love. From love. To love.
Is a gift itself.
Being gifted is a beauty. 

Thursday, 9 October 2014


how one find one's oneself is when one feels like a child at heart, when one feels moves in the heart, when one feels like crying of joy, when one laugh due of no reason, when one combined with oneself like belonging at home, at heart, at peace, in bliss, in universe.

Friday, 19 September 2014


Sometimes you just have to say and stand firm. Firmly.

Love yourself. more.

When you love yourself more than others is just like you accepting, appreciate and respect yourself more.